Digital Scales

The Most Common Types Of Scales For Weed

pocket scale Pocket Scales

The bread and butter of weed scales. Pocket scales are versatile, weigh large amounts (some up to 2000 grams), and are very portable.

Stealth Scales

A new category of digital scales have emerged in the last few years. Stealth Scales are designed to look like non descript items such as coffee mugs, matchboxes, computer mouses, and more, all the while having the ability to weigh whatever you want.

Large Scales

These are the true time savers. Large scales that are as accurate as pocket scales. You can weigh pounds in seconds with any of these large scales.

Milligram Scales

Need extreme accuracy to weigh things like dabs (aka honey oil, bho, shatter)? These milligram scales are exactly what you need then. They weigh down to 1/100ths or 1/1000ths of a gram with ease and precision.

Top Rated

Listed below are the top rated scales based on user reviews for each type of weed scale.

Bowl 650


SC Series


Pro Bowl


Cigarette Scale


Why Own A Scale?

Here is why you need to own a scale.

Don't Get Ripped Off.

Everyone knows many street dealers aren't the most honest people.

Everytime you get a short bag you lose money. When you own a digital scale, dealers know not to short you.

Don't Waste Marijuana.

If you don't know how much marijuana you are smoking it's easy to smoke too much.

When you own a digital scale you will know exactly how much that bowl pack just cost you.

Don't Over Medicate.

If you haven't noticed, marijuana has gotten very potent lately.

It is very easy to smoke too much now a days. For those who have smoked too much you know that it is not fun. Avoid smoking too much by weighing your weed first!

bowl scale

Featured Scale Of the Month

The PRO BOWL is our featured scale of the month. It is lightweight, compact, and portable all while packing a huge punch.

Three different models are available;the Pro Bowl 500 provides extreme accuracy of 0.01 grams (1/100ths of a gram) up to 500 grams. Next is the Pro Bowl 1000 and 3000 which weigh down to 0.1 grams up to 1000 and 300 grams respectively.

The Pro Bowl comes with a removable expansion bowl allowing you to weigh pounds in seconds. It comes with a removable flip top lid that provides protection to the sensitive weighing surface. This makes the Pro Bowl the best portable scale for weighing large amounts anywhere, anytime.

The Pro Bowl is a must have tool in the stoners arsenal, even for those that already own a pocket scale.

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